• The Passion of Interior Designer Eilyn Cueto

  • Posted on August 17, 2018
  • When Eilyn Cueto was born and raised in Miami, that was where she discovered her commitment to the field of interior design. She was very young when it happened, and she really didn’t even notice it at first. It was something she realized later, but it always began when she would accompany her father to the local Home Depot. On those trips, she would convince him to buy her some paint for her room. She would even go so far as to invoke her mother’s permission to get him to go along. As one can guess, he always gave in. She would then go home and lock her bedroom door and paint the room and rearrange everything inside.

    Eilyn Cueto

    This pattern would repeat itself every few months or so. She now realizes that period of her life served as the germination of her passion for interior design. She didn’t know itat the time, though. An intelligent girl, Eilyn Cueto was only 16 when she graduated high school, although back then, she really didn’t know what to do for a living. The practical side of her personality considered going into the law, but the opportunity to travel won out. She fell in love with Costa Rica, so she lived there for about six years, attending college to study architecture and interior design.

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